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Our experienced professionals 

can tackle any air duct cleaning project, ensure your entire system is working optimally, and help you breathe easier in your own home.

Over time, the air ducts that are a critical part of your HVAC system can collect dust, mold, debris, and other potentially harmful contaminants. Since the air ducts are the component responsible for distributing air throughout your home, that air can become dirtier and more difficult to breathe as the ducts gather more and more debris.

Your ducts can travel through some pretty “yucky” places like attics, crawlspaces, and interior walls – this includes supply ducts delivering air throughout your home and return ducts bringing air back to your air handling unit. Professional air duct cleaning helps remove harmful contaminants like bacteria, dust and debris, dander, and pollen.

Regular cleaning and well maintained ducts improve your indoor air quality.

We take the time to show you your ductwork before and after our duct cleaning services to ensure you are confident in your purchase. 

Our team is always respectful of your property and shows up to work ready and with a smile!

With an initial duct cleaning inspection, we are able to determine if your system is in need of cleaning.  

Your technician will use professional technology to show you the current status of your ductwork. We use a method known as Source Removal to remove a majority of the debris and contaminants from your air ducts.

This system creates negative pressure in your air ducts and essentially acts as a giant vacuum cleaner.

We utilize industry leading duct cleaning technology, offer competitive pricing and the highest quality customer service so you receive sanitary, clean, and efficient ductwork!


One of the biggest reasons homeowners choose to have duct cleaning done is to improve the overall efficiency of their homes.

As time goes on and debris builds up in your air ducts, it makes it increasingly difficult for your HVAC system to move air throughout your home. Essentially, the build-up makes it so that less air can get through at any given time. The less air that can be transported through your air ducts, the longer it will take to heat or cool your home.

With heavy debris and low air flow your HVAC system will have to work very hard. This may not seem like a major issue, but making your HVAC system work harder increases your energy consumption, increases your energy bills, and decreases the overall lifespan of your system!

Additionally, some homeowners have allergies, asthma, or other sensitivities to air quality, or have families with air quality sensitivities. For those with these conditions, it’s important to keep the air in the home as clean and healthy as possible.

Professional air duct cleaning helps remove harmful contaminants like bacteria, dust and debris, dander, and pollen and helps maintain high quality fresh air in your home.

Our air duct cleaning process
at Capitol Duct Cleaning is fairly simple
and straight-forward.

Most of our process can be broken down into four easy steps


We connect our specialized duct cleaning vacuum tool to the air duct. Typically, this is attached near the furnace.

It’s important to note that this is no regular vacuum cleaner, it’s a specific tool made for this exact purpose.


We then begin the process by powering up the vacuum tool.

This is where the loose contaminants and debris in the air ducts are sucked into the cleaner using highly-compressed air.


Once the loose debris is removed, a specialized device is fed through your system to knock off more difficult contaminants.


After the air duct cleaning is complete, we reseal and return all of your vents and ducts to their original condition!