Crawl space Cleaning and Waterproofing

Protect your family and
Your home by doing the right
thing for your crawl space.

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What is crawl space cleaning?

Many homeowners overlook their crawl space, as they don’t visit it too often! But unmaintained crawl spaces can cause a whole host of problems–from mites to mice! So how can you prevent this from happening? With professional crawl space cleaning and maintenance.

Cleaning a crawl space isn’t as simple as cleaning a kitchen or bathroom. It involves cleaning existing debris, as well as insulating the space to prevent future issues. At Capitol, we seal every nook and cranny and ELIMINATE pathways for mold and pests.

Without proper crawl space encapsulation, you’ll wind up with mold, pests, and harmful allergens.

Out with the old (rodents included) in with the New!
By sealing up gaps & cracks and installing galvanized mesh we send those pest’s looking elsewhere for a cozy home.
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Why choose Capitol to clean your crawl space?

Crawl space cleaning isn’t something most people want to DIY. It can be time consuming and frustrating if you don’t have professional experience. Plus, it’s not something you can risk messing up.

When you trust Capitol with your crawl space cleaning, we take the stress and the guesswork out of it. With years of experience, we know exactly what problems to look out for. We do the job right the first time, and we’re always transparent with our pricing.

How does our process work?

Schedule a free inspection.

Our professionals begin with a crawl space inspection to determine exactly what needs to be done–from removing debris to insulating the space. An average 1 of 5 homes across the nation are compromised by weather and pests. If your home is affected, chances are another home in your area is as well and in need of a healthy makeover.



After Inspection, Agreed Price And Deposit—We Get To Work!

Capitol Duct Pro Insulation Technicians Come to your home, enclose a secure plastic perimeter to crawl entry point ensuring a debris free area outside of the work zone.

You relax worry free, while we work, and get to look forward to showing off before and after pictures to your neighbors.