Signs it’s Time For Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryers are a wonderful home appliance. They enable you to quickly and efficiently dry clothing fresh out of the wash.

You may not put much thought into them in your day-to-day life. But if your dryer goes out, you’ll certainly notice and have to adjust. At Capitol Duct Cleaning, we care about our community and want to help you keep your dryer running strong for years to come.

Let’s talk about a few signs that it’s time for dryer cleaning. Keep reading to learn more and if you’re interested in why dryer cleaning is beneficial, check out our resource article about the Benefits of Dryer Cleaning.




One tell-tale sign that you’re overdue for a good dryer vent cleaning is if your clothes are taking forever to dry. Regular dryer vent cleaning will ensure that your clothes, towels, and other dryer items are dried in a timely manner. This is because when the dryer’s vents get all backed up with lint and debris, your dryer won’t be able to disperse heat properly. If all else with your dryer is seemingly fine, but clothes are taking longer than usual to dry, contact Capitol Duct Cleaning for our dryer vent cleaning services.




While you may think that warm clothing is the entire point of a dryer, we’re not talking about cozy-warm; we’re more talking about clothing so warm that you can barely hold it in your hand. When your dryer is in need of dryer vent cleaning, heat may be unable to properly vent out, making the inside of your dryer significantly warmer than it should be. If your clothing is coming out of the dryer piping hot, it’s likely time for dryer vent cleaning.




In some cases, when you’re overdue for dryer vent cleaning, you will notice a burning and smokey smell. Lint is very flammable. So if it is in excess in your dryer vent and your dryer is running pushing hot air through the vent, it may start to heat up, smoke, and even catch fire in some cases. If you notice a burning smell when running your dryer, stop the dryer immediately and reach out to a professional for dryer vent cleaning services.




Another common sign that it’s time for dryer vent cleaning is your machine overheating. Some dryers have built-in safety sensors that will automatically shut off the dryer if the temperature exceeds a certain threshold the manufacturer deemed unsafe. If your dryer keeps turning off and overheating, it may not be venting properly due to a clogged dryer vent. Don’t attempt to keep operating your dryer if it is overheating and ensure that dryer vent cleaning is performed before continuing drying.




When your dryer vent is in need of cleaning, you may notice lint everywhere. Your lint trap may continuously be very full, but most notably, there may be lint outside where your dryer vents and around the dryer itself. If lint has built up around your dryer and outside where the dryer vents, this is a strong indicator that it’s time for professional dryer vent cleaning services.




Even if your dryer isn’t showing any of the above signs, it still could be due for proper vent cleaning. Dryer vent cleaning should be performed roughly once per year. Depending on your usage and situation, it may need to be done more often or less often than yearly. It’s worth noting that typically, once you start noticing the above-mentioned signs, it’s already well overdue for a cleaning. Capitol Duct Cleaning recommends having dryer vent cleaning services performed or cleaning out your dryer vents on your own should you feel so included on a yearly basis to promote safe and proper dryer function.




Is it about time for your regular dryer vent cleaning? Contact our team at Capitol Duct Cleaning! We have the knowledge and experience to get the job done quickly and correctly.

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