5 Warning Signs of a Clogged Dryer Vent That You Should Never Ignore

Besides being a nuisance, a clogged dryer vent is a worrying safety hazard.

It is shocking that dryers and washers are responsible for more than 15,000 residential fires yearly. 

The leading causes of the fires are bad cable insulation, faulty wiring, and clogged vents. It results from lint collecting inside the vent, trapping heat, and making the device flammable. The best remedy for this problem is to clean the dryer vent frequently.

The vents facilitate airflow to the dryer, so when they are blocked or restricted, the device’s performance is affected. Before seeking a cleaning service, you need to know how to spot signs of a clogged vent. Here are five warning signs you should look out for.


1. The Dryer Is Extremely Hot and Shuts Down Unexpectedly

If your dryer feels warmer to the touch than usual, its vent is likely clogged. Clogging makes it difficult for moisture and heat to escape. As a result, the appliance will work harder to eliminate heat and moisture and may overheat.

Failing to schedule frequent dryer vent cleaning can cause heating issues. It’s because the longer you take to clean the vents, the more lint builds up. The dryer will get hot when operating and increase the risk of damage to your clothes.

Clothes made of synthetic fabrics such as polyester, acrylic, and nylon can easily melt in a dryer with heating issues. The appliance itself may also explode if it overheats beyond the required limits.

Even more, modern dryers come with a built-in switch to control overheating. The switch is usually designed to shut down the machine if it gets overheated. So, if you notice unusual shutdown problems, consider cleaning the dryer vents.


2. Clothes Take Longer to Dry

A clothing dryer without airflow issues takes relatively less time to dry clothes. If it takes longer than usual, it may indicate lint buildup in the vent.

Proper airflow in the dryer is crucial in getting clothes to dry. It is facilitated by the dryer vent, which is prone to lint, dust, or debris buildup. A clogged air vent can cause airflow problems in the machine, making it less efficient.

With a clogged vent, moisture will take longer to escape the clothes. Your clothing items will remain damp longer than expected. If you fail to fix the problem, the lint, dust, or debris stuck in the vent will continue pushing back humid air into the dryer.

Consult a professional dryer vent cleaner the moment you notice this problem. Delaying the dryer vent cleaning services will further damage the machine. In the long run, the dryer may break down, requiring a costly replacement.


3. Burnt, Mold, or Mildew Smells

Since lint is highly flammable, it can produce a burnt smell when it accumulates in the vent. You should stop using the machine after you notice this kind of smell. If you continue drying your clothes with it, a fire may erupt.

A burnt smell is a warning sign that the dryer vent is clogged. It suggests that the appliance can no longer get rid of heat and moisture when trying to dry clothes. The foul smell may vary depending on the type of debris stuck in the vents.

Your dryer may produce mold odors if moist air gets trapped in it. Moisture that doesn’t completely dry out can cause mold and mildew growth in the machine. As a result, your laundry will have a foul odor every time you dry them.

Besides being uncomfortable to deal with, burnt, mold, and mildew odors pose respiratory problems. You or your household members may develop allergic reactions to these scents. Even more, you may experience symptoms like itchy eyes/skin, wheezing or stuffy nose.


4. Clothes Are Very Hot After Drying

Dryers with clogged vents are likely to have airflow issues, which cause overheating problems. For the same reason, your clothing items may get hot when inserted into the machine. It is because clogging prevents moisture and heat from escaping.

A heating element in the dryer warms fresh air that is introduced inside, allowing clothes to dry. Afterward, if the machine functions properly, the vent expels hot, damp air. Any obstructions in airflow will result in overheating and an eventual breakdown.

If your dryer doesn’t get rid of the dampness in your clothes, they can be too hot to touch. The zippers and metal buttons may also cause mild burn wounds when touched.

Cleaning off the lint screen in the dryer with professional help can solve this problem. The lint screen is a mesh-like cover that prevents lint from getting to the vent pipes. Excessive lint buildup may cause heating issues or trigger a fire.


5. Crushed Dryer Hose

A dryer vent hose is designed to move hot, damp air from the dryer and expel it outside. It’s important to check its condition to ensure it isn’t crushed. Any problem in the hose may result in airflow issues in the machine.

Most ducting hoses are made of plastic, which is highly flammable. Dust, debris, or lint buildup in the vent can restrict airflow, causing a fire hazard to the hose. The fire may quickly spread to other parts of your home due to the flammability of the ducting hose.

A dryer hose may break if it can no longer withstand the hot, damp air trapped in the machine. This will be the case if there’s excessive lint buildup in the vent. It may endure trauma or get crushed if you fail to clean the dryer vent.


Get Your Clogged Dryer Vent Cleaned Today

If you experience any warning signs of a clogged dryer vent, it’s time to take action. Clogging in the vent may cause the machine to work less efficiently. It may also pose great safety issues if not addressed in time.

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