7 Tips on Hiring Air Duct Cleaners for Homeowners in Thurston, WA

Frequent HAVC maintenance reduces the risk of costly breakdowns by up to 95 percent.

Simple tasks like cleaning the air ducts play a huge role in HVAC maintenance. Yet, many homeowners have no idea when and how to clean the air ducts. If you’re one of these people, seek professional air duct cleaning services.

Yet, with so many experts in this field, deciding which ones to hire is challenging. To help you out, here are seven tips on hiring air duct cleaners for homeowners in Thurston, WA.

1. Check Certifications and Licensing

Although you can clean the air ducts yourself, you probably lack the necessary training. Search for certified air duct cleaners to get this work done right. So, learn more about which certifications air duct cleaners should possess.

Also, check the licensing status of the air duct cleaners you’re planning to hire. You want to verify that these experts meet all requirements. Furthermore, you can trust licensed air duct cleaners to offer reliable services that fit your needs.

Your goal is to leverage these professionals’ expertise to improve indoor air quality. Besides, cleaning the air ducts will enhance your HVAC’s performance and lowers energy consumption.

2. Seek References and Read Online Reviews

Contacting all air duct cleaners operating in Thurston, WA, is impossible. To simplify your work, seek insights from the cleaners’ past clients. So, start by seeking references to get insights into the quality of services a given air duct company offers.

Likewise, reading online reviews will give you a broad perception of a specific firm. Don’t deal with any air duct cleaning company with zero online reviews. Without reviews, it’s impossible to predict what to expect from this firm.

Also, be wary of air duct cleaning firms with zero negative reviews. The best air duct company has its fair share of negative reviews. However, this company promptly responds to these reviews and addresses the raised issues.

3. Check Air Duct Cleaning Products

When interviewing air duct cleaners, find out which cleaning products they use. The reason is that some air duct cleaning products might be harmful to you or your pets. So, instead of improving air quality, these products expose you to different health hazards.

Look for air duct cleaners who use safe and organic products to mitigate this risk. You want to hire experts who’re straightforward on how different air duct cleaning products work. The goal is to provide you with enough information to help you know the best air duct cleaning products.

4. Ask for Proof of Liability Insurance

Air duct cleaning seems relatively safe, so you might skip checking liability insurance. You claim that the air duct cleaners know what they’re doing, so there’s no way they’ll damage anything. Also, you feel the risk of these air duct cleaners getting injured while working at your home is low.

Unfortunately, it’s a huge mistake to hire uninsured air duct cleaners. Despite these cleaners’ best efforts, accidents might still happen. So, if they’re uninsured, there’s no one to compensate you for damaged items.

Insist on getting proof of liability insurance when hiring air duct cleaners to avoid this risk. You want to ensure you’re not responsible for any air duct cleaning damages or injuries that might arise.

5. Compare Service Pricing

Compare quotes from different air duct cleaners in Thurston, WA, to decide which one to hire. However, don’t fall for the trap of choosing the cheapest cleaners. Know that you get what you pay for, so these might not offer satisfactory air duct cleaning services.

Your best bet is to choose competent air duct cleaners who charge fair rates. Also, when interviewing cleaners, find out if the quoted price is the same one you’ll pay.

You want to avoid falling for “bait and switch” pricing. Here’s why experts quote a low fee to persuade you to hire them. Later they change this price to a higher figure when sending out the invoice.

Look for transparent air duct cleaners who adopt ethical service pricing methods. These cleaners are straightforward on all the duct cleaning costs they’ll charge you.

6. Review Experience Level

You should compare the years of operations of different air duct cleaners to decide the ones to hire. So, don’t make the mistake of hiring “newbies” to clean your air ducts. However, good-spirited these inexperienced air duct cleaners are bound to make mistakes.

They’re likely to use the wrong products when cleaning air ducts, exposing you and your family to different hazards.

Your best bet for getting reliable air duct cleaning services is to look for experienced cleaners. Look for cleaners who have been in this industry for a couple of years. Your plan is to leverage these cleaners’ experience to improve air circulation in your home.

7. Check Additional Services

Before hiring air duct cleaners, find out if they offer other related services. These are services such as air duct sealing that you might need in the future. You want to avoid the headache of looking for a different service provider when this need arises.

Check the Right Things to Simplify Hiring Air Duct Cleaners

Hiring air duct cleaners is easy and fast when you follow the right things. Rely on the above tips to simplify your options for duct cleaners. Your goal is to find certified and licensed air duct cleaners in Thurston, WA.

Also, look for experienced duct cleaners with many online reviews. Finally, look for transparent air duct cleaners who’ll give you accurate quotes.

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